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journey into myself

✿.:* about me *:.✿
  My friends call me Shany. I'm a 5'4, Thai girl. My faves: blue color, spicy food, chocolate, Avatar movie, Perfumes DKNY Be Delicious and Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze, daydreaming, reading, meditation.

✿.:* Statistics *:.✿
Longest relationship of 10 yrs
Cannot handle drinks well
Used to have dogs, mouses, birds as pets
I have waist length hair

Remember when Koki was so tiny that Nakamaru could carry him over his shoulder? 
Jin being pervy…. xD


Fans: “Take off your sunglasses!”
Jin….*obliges, fans kya kya*
Fans: “Take off your hat!”
Jin: “I can’t take this off” *nuanced*
Fans: “Take it off!!”
Jin: “Nonononono! If I take off my hat as well then you’ll make me remove my jacket and my pants then my xxx will be showing!”
Fans: “Okay~!”
Jin: “… Are you really that thirsty (LOL)”

cr to Quidditch

December 12th, 2013

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